This Bud’s for You!

gqSo that’s the first question you need to ask yourself when you start shopping for weed: How serious am I about marijuana? How erudite do I want to get on it? If this answer is “pretty freaking erudite,” you should consider a place like those listed above by Breathes in Denver, or Greenworks or Dockside Co-op in Seattle, or Buds & Roses in Los Angeles. What Shopper calls the Connoisseur Class. Or Straight Nerd Spots. They offer their own brand of experience. To wit:

Once in the bud room, Ean Seeb, one of the proprietors, brought out some of his favorite strains to show Shopper. “This is our LA OG,” he said, opening a glass canister filled with sculpted buds, all purplish and gnarled. Ean doesn’t look like the guy who would sell you a dime bag out of the back of a Saturn Vue. He was that day fully GQ’ed out in a black cowl-neck sweater. His gray wingtips had neon pink laces. “Give it a smell,” he said.

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