Below are some common questions that people have before engaging in consulting services with Denver Relief Consulting. Please note that if you have a question about a specific area of our business, you can select questions that fall under that category by clicking to the right.

What do you want to know?

-Don’t see what you’re looking for?
Contact us.
-Do you provide broker services?
We do not currently provide any "matchmaking" services, but are aware of licenses and property available. We are not licensed brokers and do not charge a commission for any of those services.
-Isn’t medical marijuana still federally illegal?
Yes. We will only assist businesses that fall under the guidelines of the Holder memo, meaning those who are in clear and unambiguous compliance with state law regarding medical marijuana. While there is an inherent risk in running a business that sells medical marijuana, we believe that by following state regulations, being an active and positive member of your community, and being transparent about the nature of your business, you will thrive.
-How much does it cost to start a medical marijuana business?
Getting started in the MMJ industry can be quite expensive if you aren't prepared and fall victim to common mistakes. While the amount of capital varies greatly depending on whether you're starting an ancillary business, a medical marijuana center, or a cultivation facility, we have experience in all three areas and will steer you in the right direction from day one.
-What if medical marijuana is not yet legal in my state?
Due to the number of clients we are currently serving, we generally do not work with those hoping to open medical or adult-use marijuana centers in states that aren't currently considering legislation to approve them. Simply put, there are too many variables to consider when opening a center and without a legal framework in place, we can only be of limited assistance. That being said, we are a wealth of information concerning the laws in legal states, while we’ve also assisted numerous ancillary businesses in their start-up and operations.  Feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.
-Do you provide turn-key solutions?
We can assist with every aspect of setting up a cannabis business, from navigating facility design and construction to employee training and reliable vendor contacts. Our network of trusted service providers covers a wide gamut of needs, including insurance, merchant services, security, packaging and supplies, equipment, and much more.
-Do you provide legal advice?
We are not lawyers and cannot provide you legal advice. If you're looking for lawyers that specialize in medical marijuana, we recommend the firm Vicente Sederberg LLC.
-Why Denver Relief Consulting?
There's an old saying that goes "Never trust a skinny chef." We've owned and operated one of Colorado's preeminent dispensaries since 2009, with real experience in the field. We're now taking the same principles that made us a success and applying them to all areas of the marijuana industry. From facility design to launching new products, there isn't a facet of this industry we haven't tackled yet. Check out our testimonials page to hear what happy clients sound like.
-What are some DRC success stories?
Glad you asked. We've been instrumental in the launch of several companies, from ancillary businesses such as MMC Depot to new medical marijuana businesses like Greenbelt Management. Check out our testimonials page for more information.
-What do we need to have prepared in advance?
Have a game plan about what you'd like to do in this industry and how you'd like to achieve that. We always prefer clients who are enthusiastic about medical marijuana. If contacting us via our web form, please include detailed contact information and what you have in place already. Be prepared to set aside 20 minutes for your initial consultation.
-What is not included in your services?
Legal or accounting services, matchmaking or finders services or real estate brokering.
-What is included in your services?
We look at three separate, but interwoven areas of each medical marijuana business: structure, growth, and retail. Some of our clients are brand new to the marijuana industry and need help with all three. Some are ancillary businesses that are looking to move into the realm of marijuana business support. We'll outline a scope of services that meets your individual needs and provide a clear plan forward.
-What are your office hours?
We're available to clients 24 hours a day, but are typically in the office from 8AM to 6PM MST.
-Who have you worked with in the past?
We have clients in three countries, nine states, and the District of Columbia. Clients span from Arizona to Massachusetts. No matter where you're located, we're comfortable in helping you with everything from state regulations to local government. See our testimonials page for more information.
-Where are you located?
We're based out of Denver, Colorado and have offices located at 1 Broadway, suite A200. If you're in town, feel free to stop by and say hello!
-What types of cultivation do you have experience in?
We've assisted clients in numerous climates and environments, from converted warehouse space in the Arizona desert to greenhouses in the cold of Alaska. There are a variety of cultivation methods that we can assist with depending on your space, requirements and needs, from true hydroponics to soilless media to organic soil.  If you can grow in it, we probably have.
-Do you offer marijuana clones?
No. It is federally illegal to transport any form of marijuana, including plants, across state lines.
-How are payment agreements reached?
It varies greatly per client.  For some entrepreneurs it may be best to execute a simple retainer agreement to use Denver Relief Consulting as an occasional resource.  Billed hourly, this provides the most flexibility.  For others we who have a more defined project over a period of time we will coincide those payments to work completed on a monthly billing cycle.  We can be flexible to find a plan that works for you.
-What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept all major credit cards, cashier’s checks, money orders and business checks from retained clients.
-How much do you charge for your services?
Our team of experts will develop a scope of services specifically tailored to your needs. We've worked on projects that required as little as an hour of consulting to ongoing relationships through management or compliance audits that will continue for years. Please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and we can discuss the myriad of options available.
-Do you sell medical marijuana?
No, we do not offer and cannot send you medical marijuana. We are, however, the owners of Colorado's second longest continually owned and operated medical marijuana center. This provides us unique insight into the day-to-day struggles that many face in this field.