Ancillary Services
Industry Integration and Education: Aside from developing your product or service and getting operational, most new ancillary businesses need some type of “in” with the cannabis industry to be able to fully integrate. Denver Relief Consulting can help new start-ups and ancillary businesses overcome the barriers to “get in” with the industry and plug you in to a network of possible partners and customers. Most of our ancillary partners and clients rely on our consultants to keep up to speed on new legal developments, regulations, and the overall state of affairs of the cannabis industry.
Investor Relations: Funding is obviously one of the most important ingredients to your business plan, and we can help you consider and assess investment possibilities. While we do not solicit funding or look for new investors, we can work as a liaison and resource to your investors and the whole team. If you are considering investing in the industry we can connect you to new and thoughtful businesses that have potential for success.
Research and Development: Denver Relief Consulting has brought together leading experts from technology and agricultural backgrounds to help legitimize and strengthen the Cannabis industry. A major part of our work with these experts is research and development for environmental sustainability, lighting technologies, and efficiency in facilities and equipment. Our research and development extends from our own company practices to our clients, and is quickly expanding to national projects with help from some of our partners.
Entrepreneurial Mentoring: Our founding partners know what it’s like to be young, aspiring entrepreneurs and they understand the amount of sacrifice required to turn an idea into tangible reality. Denver Relief Consulting is able to help cannabis entrepreneurs with mentorship on communication, decision-making, business strategies and the various demands of forming a new business.
Social Integration Marketing: Denver Relief Consulting is at the forefront of digital marketing strategies for the Cannabis industry. Our consultants strive to use online platforms that lead important conversations between our clients’ brands, their target audience and customers and the public-at-large. We can help you build an online presence that demonstrates your value, integrates data management and targets the best online audience for your products and services.