Who We are


Founded in 2012, Denver Relief Consulting started off with a single client and has now grown to over 8 states and 3 countries.



At Denver Relief Consulting, our mission is to cultivate quality cannabis operations and progressive industry leaders committed to advancing best practices. We work with carefully selected clients to develop custom business strategies based on models we’ve successfully implemented and continuously improve upon in Colorado and elsewhere. By promoting practical approaches, industry best practices, hyper compliance, environmental awareness, and community integration, we strive to help establish new businesses that will continue to evolve and improve the cannabis industry. 



We are a close-knit team of passionate industry advocates working to advance our clients’ operations and promote the widespread development of a robust legal cannabis marketplace. Founded in 2011, Denver Relief Consulting has grown to serve a diverse clientele spanning three countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, twelve states and Washington, D.C.


Our goal is to mentor current and prospective cannabis industry professionals and provide our clients with tools essential for making well-informed independent business decisions. We offer our clients guidance and advice throughout the process of creating efficient and effective operations that provide high quality services to patients and adult consumers, meet the demands of the market, and remain compliant in complex regulatory systems.



At Denver Relief Consulting, we recognize community outreach and action as vital components of a successful business. We believe that establishing a professional public image is essential to attracting quality resources, reliable customers, and devoted community support. Our unique approach to branding and community engagement strategies encourages systemic change in public perception of cannabis, as we help clients integrate with their communities and contribute to normalizing the cannabis industry.


Our firm is built on a history of advocacy and we build relationships based on our clients’ needs. We are proud to consult with businesses dedicated to the progress of the legal cannabis industry, as opposed to those driven strictly by profit. We are experienced dispensary owners and managers who have overcome massive operational challenges while many of our contemporaries have been forced out of business. As policy reform advocates working to advancing the legal cannabis movement, we dedicated our lives to this work long before the evolution of a profitable legal cannabis enterprise and vet our clients accordingly.



Prior to founding our consulting division, Denver Relief earned a reputation as a community oriented and industry leading medical cannabis center and wellness service provider. As proprietors of the second-longest operating dispensary in all of Colorado, we at Denver Relief Consulting offer clients experiential insight based on the breakthrough success of the Colorado business model.


Established in 2009, Denver Relief’s retail and cultivation facilities have since earned national media attention and critical acclaim from business insiders and cannabis aficionados alike. Experience has taught us that running a successful business in the cannabis industry depends first and foremost on establishing a successful cultivation operation. Our innovative cultivation techniques allow us to continuously produce award-winning products such as the OG 18 strain, winner of the “Best Hybrid” at the 2013 inaugural U.S. Cannabis Cup.


The Green Team was founded as a volunteer-based community outreach program in conjunction with Denver Relief’s retail, cultivation and infused product operations. The Green Team coordinates urban gardening efforts, free bicycle and wheelchair repair clinics, food and clothing drives, and trash pickup efforts at public events -- all while raising money to pay for an underprivileged student to attend college. We’re currently in the process of converting the Green Team to a 501(c)(3) in an effort to expand our community service network nationwide.



Meeting the unique demands of the legal cannabis industry can be a daunting task. From applications for licensing and regulatory compliance to effective cultivation techniques, our team of trusted advisors offers custom solutions for clients during all stages of business development. Our specialties include application and post-license management, facility design, vendor relations, and compliance.


Our consulting team is comprised of seasoned cannabis industry professionals, including the general manager, cultivation facility operations manager, and owner-operators of Denver Relief. In addition to the principals of Denver Relief, our associate consultants bring experience in dispensary management, sustainable development, drug policy, government relations, and non-profit advocacy.


Together we provide a variety of services organized into five broad categories:

Application and Planning




Policy and Advocacy


Our value proposition is to connect interested parties, provide vital and valuable information to existing and prospective cannabis industry members, and promote honest and forthcoming business practices essential to establishing successful cannabis operations. 



2009 Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup, 1st Place Overall, Bio-Diesel

2012 Cannabis Business Awards, Patients Choice Best Medical Marijuana Center, Denver Relief

2012 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship, 1st Place Indica, Reserva Privada

2012 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship, 1st Place Hybrid, Ultimate '91 ChemDawg

2012 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship, Highest Tested Hybrid, Ultimate '91 ChemDawg

2012 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship, 2nd Place Sativa, Outer Space

2012 High Times Top Most Potent Strains, Bio-Diesel

2013 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st Place Hybrid, OG 18.

2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, 2nd Place Medical Sativa: Durban Poison

Why Us

  • Real world experience.
  • In-depth regulatory knowledge.
  • Multiple cup wins, including High Times 2013 Best Hybrid.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Founding members and board chair of NCIA

Our Mission

  • Help new businesses start right.
  • Socially integrate marijuana into business community.
  • Give common sense approaches to cultivation.
  • Develop operations in 100% compliance with local and state laws.
  • Spread our knowledge, not our brand.

What Clients Say About Us

DRC's experience and insight into this market and industry are invaluable. Their analysis and feedback on products and consumers from packaging to marketing and social media are something we have gained from tremendously over the last three years. Ean, Kayvan, Nick, Jake, Andy and the whole Denver Relief and DRC team are really great to work with and make the process very rewarding every step of the way, and they're who we will continue to rely on to keep us on top of the cannabis industry.

Eric White, Owner
Eric White, OwnerGaia's Garden