Training Our team has many years of direct cultivation and retail experience and we have helped train all levels of cannabis professionals, including executive management, cultivation and manufacturing agents and retail employees. Our training methods include the development and use of training manuals and supplemental materials, as well as teaching owners and managers how to evaluate employee performance. All of our training methods will be based on the compliance requirements for your license as well as industry best practices. We strive to make sure our training methods and materials are easy to understand, and we’re willing to answer as many questions as necessary to ensure your staff is confident and productive on day one, including direct shadows at either your new facility or one of our own.
Accessories and Merchandise: There are many accessory and merchandise options available and we want to make sure you don’t waste time or money on the wrong selections. If you’re going to sell accessories and merchandise, then we want to make sure it ties into your broader marketing strategies and business plan, and ensure that non-cannabis products are appropriate for your type of establishment and license.  Denver Relief Consulting can show you examples or help you develop relationships with vendors for these types of products.
Cultivation: Denver Relief Consulting has a list of reputable breeders and an extensive knowledge of the various strains available in most markets. Once seeds are purchased, we can provide the information and guidance necessary to germinate, determine sex and implement them into rotation. Selecting the correct phenotype out of a variety of genetic expressions will be critical in the development of your Cannabis garden, and we can assist you with implementing the best practices to preserve genetics. We can provide proven recipes and scheduling for any type of grow method: Organic Soil, Synthetic Hydro or Coco, as well as create a detailed timeline for nutrient formulas during vegetative and flower phases. We'll detail when flowers are mature and ready for harvest, proper trimming techniques, drying and curing, and how to maintain a sanitary environment for the duration of the process. 
Extracts and Infused Product Manufacturing: Denver Relief Consulting is helping clients develop state-of-the-art manufacturing companies that can provide customers with high quality extractions and infused products. Denver Relief Consulting can help you implement cost effective manufacturing methods and teach you the best practices for packaging and processing products, including cross-department coordination and work flow management. Our expert extraction and infused-product agents are able to provide insight and help you start your new manufacturing company and product line up.
Dispensary: Our experience stems from owning and managing Colorado’s 2nd longest running marijuana dispensary, having overcome massive operational challenges and complex regulatory changes. Our model is continuously improved upon and looked to as an industry example. We want to see our clients create the optimum cannabis experience for consumers and patients by ensuring that retail operations are streamlined and efficient at providing high quality products and services. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of site selection or facility design, developing security plans or operating procedures, or about to expand into new markets, our team of experts at DRC can help you develop a successful dispensary model.
Vendor Relations: Having a reliable and trustworthy network of vendors is an important part of every operation. Our goal is to help our clients build a strategic network of partners and vendors capable of contributing toward your long-term success. Our consultants are able to help you find the best vendors to choose from and if we don’t have established relationships with vendors in your area, we can help you identify the characteristics and qualities to look for.
Community Integration: Denver Relief and Denver Relief Consulting has a strong tradition of community engagement and integration, most notably because of our GREEN TEAM that has helped patients with free bicycle and wheelchair repair clinics, an organic farming initiative, and picking up trash after the annual 4/20 rally in downtown Denver. While our company strives to be a role model in the industry, we also strive to be good neighbors and charitable members of the community in ways that are related to cannabis and many ways that are not. In addition, we also strive to be good stewards of the environment in all of our practices. We can assist our clients and other companies with community engagement and integration based on our own involvement or your own charitable interests and ideas. We strongly believe that giving back to the community will enhance the overall success of your business beyond just profits and revenue.
Compliance and Efficiency Audits: Most states can revoke licensure or penalize your business based on non-compliance issues. We find that nearly most cannabis businesses have some sort of compliance issue that needs to be addressed or clarified or need help adapting to new laws and regulations. It’s very important to maintain compliance at all times or you may risk penalties or losing licensure. Denver Relief Consulting can help you understand state and local laws and regulations as well as help you adapt to new changes as the industry evolves.