Policy & Advocacy
Regulatory Guidance: Denver Relief Consulting tracks cannabis related legislative and political activity in all 50 states and some jurisdictions around the world. Our staff is able to help clients navigate the complex regulatory structures in each state and ensure that your business plan and operations are fully compliant. In addition to being compliant when your business is getting established, we are able to help you maintain compliance in face of evolving laws and regulations overtime.
Industry Organizations and Advocacy: Denver Relief Consulting is paying close attention to legal reforms across the United States and around the world. Our company has strong roots in advocacy that started long before legalized Cannabis ever existed. Our principles serve in leadership roles for various industry associations and continue to support reform organizations that work to end prohibition and expand legal cannabis in new places. Our founders, Ean Seeb and Kayvan Khalatbari serve on various boards. Ean is a 2-term Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association and Kayvan is a founding Council member of the Council for Responsible Cannabis Regulation and serves as a board member for the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association and the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association. Denver Relief Consulting is proud to support the Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, WomenGROW, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and other advocacy organizations. Many of our staff members remain active volunteers for these groups as we strive to move the industry forward with respect to the advocacy efforts that are needed to support a robust legal Cannabis industry.