Application & Planning
Professional Referrals: Denver Relief Consulting helps clients build a strategic network of vendors and works as a liaison to establish long-lasting relationships. Reliability, consistency, customer satisfaction and reasonable pricing are what we look for when developing partnerships and providing professional referrals.
Accounting: The Cannabis industry has a very uncommon set of accounting principles for making annual deductions and avoiding a potentially devastating audit. Understanding the IRS code, specifically 280E, will help save many headaches during tax time each year.
Data Analysis and Management: Denver Relief Consulting strives to provide accurate, reliable, and timely data services to help our clients develop effective business plans. Cannabis businesses must analyze and manage data on an on-going basis to make important decisions about product selection, pricing and revenue projections among other aspects of the business. Our consultants can collect or supplement your initial market data, help you develop a long-term data analysis and management plan and teach you how to set up your own internal data management systems.
Market Demand Analysis: Our consultants continue to research new developments and opportunities in the cannabis industry, including customer population studies to determine the demand for cannabis services in each market. Denver Relief Consulting can help your team before and after getting your Cannabis business established by assessing your potential consumer base and market capture. Assessing the patient population and market capture in a quantitative manner on a regular basis can be an important part of measuring business performance and help you make informed strategic and tactical decisions.
Financial Modeling and Forecasting: Denver Relief Consulting can develop financial models and forecasts to help you enter the Cannabis industry with your expectations in line with reality. While there’s a vast shortage of information available about the regulated industry, we can formulate the best forecast possible based on real numbers and outcomes from scores of other operations we’ve worked with in several states and Canada. This process also takes into account the likelihood of new changes in the cannabis industry with regard to market demand and expansion, looking out and planning for at least five years.  Part of our financial modeling and forecasting takes into account the potential market capture, demand estimates, cash flow, labor, sales, profit/loss statements and other information that may be necessary to get your financial plan across to your team, investors and regulators.
Social Integration (community image measures) We've fostered a sense of goodwill from the community by being active in areas outside of medical marijuana, and can help you target philanthropic organizations that help benefit your patients. Planning and coordinating events, both in your location and in your city, are great ways to get valuable feedback from the community, as well as helping to educate and inform those in your area. The GREEN TEAM, our community-based volunteer organization, has been active in the Denver metro area since 2009.
Team Development: Team development is an important step to getting your cannabis business started.  Although having board members and executives with Cannabis experience is a beneficial suit, it’s not necessarily the only background needed to be successful – assembling a diverse, skillful and creative team that can work together is essential to moving your business forward. We advise clients on selecting experts from other fields to ensure your team is well rounded with various skills and backgrounds but share a common vision. Denver Relief Consulting can bring a depth of knowledge and experience to your team, and guide you through the team development process to create a strong, dynamic force for your business.
Brand Development: Developing and maintaining a brand portfolio is how your customers connect to your products and services and how you earn their loyalty. In addition to providing high quality products, Denver Relief Consulting advises our clients to strive for an overall high quality cannabis experience; a brand portfolio allows your customers to set your business apart and remember the quality of the products and experience. Denver Relief Consulting can advise you on the various aspects of brand development, including logo design, trade names, aesthetic schemes, marketing plans and ensuringn consistency.
Human Resources Based on our knowledge of and experience with all aspects of the cannabis industry, we can help design an appropriate organizational structure and identify qualified candidates for each position that will help your team succeed while promoting cannabis industry professionalism. Our team can additionally help you develop the appropriate human resources documents to protect your proprietary information in the event of employee dismissal. Developing strong interoffice communications is paramount when dealing with changing laws and regulations, especially as you continue to grow and manage an expanding team. Our team is here to help you establish and maintain human resources systems that will facilitate your company’s operation.
Business Plans:  Denver Relief Consulting has crafted strategy plans in several states for cannabis businesses looking to obtain licensure at the state and local levels. While incorporating the character and vision of the owner we can provide valuable insight during the business planning process and help you develop operating procedures and organizational structure to ensure your new business is self-sustaining, profitable and progressive. The Denver Relief model is a community-centered approach to Cannabis business that has become sought after by entrepreneurs, investors and consumers alike.
Site Selection: Depending on the market and municipality, the site selection process can either be very simple or very tedious. There are many factors to consider before selecting a site, and you may need to review the costs and benefits of purchasing an existing facility or building a new one from the ground up. Denver Relief Consulting can walk you through the site selection process to ensure that your facility is located at the most suitable site available. We will consider the current status and condition of all possible sites, including building characteristics, access, infrastructure, capacity for sustainability and compatibility for your utility and resource demands.
Facility Design: Denver Relief Consulting can walk you through the planning and design processes, whether you’re looking to create a small boutique operation, a specialized store or a full-scale state-of-the-art facility. Our industry standard AutoCAD professionals and expert consultants can help you develop facility designs for cultivation, manufacturing and retail operations that fit your overall business plan as well as help you come up with the best aesthetic options to impress your customers.  Our experience with facility design in multiple states and for various business models allows us to develop architectural, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security, and fire schematics that will satisfy potential landlords and investors and far exceed compliance requirements.
Policies, Procedures, and Best Practices: Getting your business licensed and established will require a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices, and once you’re up and running you will need to implement and maintain those practices to keep your business operating efficiently. Denver Relief Consulting can help you develop policies and procedures that cover quality control, safety and security measures, inventory tracking, employee training and other aspects of your business to ensure uniform operations and an excellent cannabis experience for all customers.
Licensing Approval Depending on the regulations in your state, you may be required to write and compile thousands of pages of documents as part of the process of applying for cannabis business licensure. It is critically important that every required document is completed, formatted correctly, and presented in a manner that makes application review as easy as possible. This daunting task is best left to our team of professionals, who have experience with the application process in many states. 
Local Approval: Aside from differing attitudes about cannabis, every municipality has unique zoning regulations and permit processes. As part of the site selection and application, Denver Relief Consulting can help you streamline local approval processes and forge long-term productive relationships within the community. The local approval process may require zoning approval, special use permits, good neighbor agreements and coordination between municipality officials and departments.