Municipality Education and Integration: Denver Relief Consulting understands the importance of maintaining productive long-term relationships with local officials and agencies, and we will strive to help our clients get established and welcomed in their local communities. Our consultants have working experience in most of the legal markets and have familiarity with municipal affairs. We can help you educate local officials and work with the various local agencies – fire, water, utilities and land use/zoning. Our commitment to a community-centered business approach generally puts us a step ahead when working with local officials.
Equipment and Vendor Selection: From partnering with edible and infused product companies, to developing relationships with those who provide ancillary products such as packaging and printing, we've learned how to keep margins down and customer satisfaction high. Our seasoned professionals are ready to plug you in to the nation’s most distinguished and reliable network of vendors and ancillary partners.
Design Team Coordination: After we help you finalize your facility design plan, we can work closely with the architects, engineers and construction contractors to ensure that your plan is carried out within your budget and timeline. Denver Relief Consulting is able to coordinate and monitor your design team and help you respond to new variables or possibilities as they come up.
Construction Process Management: Denver Relief Consulting has helped numerous cannabis facilities from the drawing board until long after opening day. We’re able to help streamline the design and construction process, moving you closer to opening your new business and serving patients and customers. We can work as a liaison between designers, contractors and the local building department, utility companies and other authorities to provide education on the unique needs of a Cannabis facility. We are able to help supervise the construction process and ensure that your facility is completed on time, within budget and in compliance with all rules and regulations, while exceeding your expectations.
Compliance, Sales, and Record-keeping Management: Having robust and transparent inventory control features is not only required by most state regulations, most of which call for tracking cannabis from seed to sale; it’s also highly recommended to ensure that your production levels meet customer demands. The success of your business depends on accurate inventory tracking, sales tracking and robust record keeping. Denver Relief Consulting can help you develop internal tracking procedures, select point-of-sale software, and set up the administrative infrastructure you need to be compliant and effective.
Human Resources: Based on our knowledge of and experience with all aspects of the cannabis industry, we can help design an appropriate organizational structure and identify qualified candidates for each position that will help your team succeed while promoting cannabis industry professionalism. Our team can additionally help you develop the appropriate human resources documents to protect your proprietary information in the event of employee dismissal. Developing strong interoffice communications is paramount when dealing with changing laws and regulations, especially as you continue to grow and manage an expanding team. Our team is here to help you establish and maintain human resources systems that will facilitate your company’s operation.