Marijuana Lab in the Clouds (Translated from Czech)


Take a look after the premises “Denver relief” where the Bob Marley felt like home. On the shelves of glass is full “flowers” of its own production, which are broken down by quality. “One ounce (28.35 grams) costs 255-355 U.S. dollars. We offer only high quality products, “said salesman Daniel Ericson with the fact that the joint just rolled gram of material.

Although ninety percent of sales are smokes, the menu is more varied: lollipops, candies, wafers, cookies, olive oils, ointments and pills, all containing marijuana. “That’s how you have to drink before ingesting always shake because the active substance is deposited on the bottom of the bottle. It’s like juice, “demonstrates Ericson. Despite lékárnickému green cross at the entrance to the need paralen not buy. On the sale of any other drug not licensed. “But it makes it good. There are four hours and today’s revenue is three thousand U.S. dollars, “looking salesman in a computer. “And that day is Monday weak.

Before the weekend we have tens of thousands, “suggests that a large part of the purchase neprokouří patients, but ends up at a party in their body healthy friends. In an hour, during which represents Ericson goods in the shop will replace several patients. Among them is a young man with a prosthesis, aged hippie lady as the series Desperate Housewives. “Previously treated us as dismissive to dealers, but after years of us weigh more. We as pharmacists, “Kasai Ericson.

The solution is always found on a cash customers to protect the privacy of separate high counter plastered with advertising on pizza, which interconnects the second co-owner of Denver Relief. Customers include the 110 thousand inhabitants of Colorado, who hold special of passes with red trim and a few security features against counterfeiting. By the way, all the people that are around marijuana business move, they coincidentally disease, for alleviating symptoms of which need not THC.

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