Legal Marijuana Industry Is Slow to Catch Fire

incColorado Governor John Hickenlooper may have said it best when he warned his constituents recently not to, “break out the Cheetos and Goldfish too quickly.”

He was referring to the passage of Amendment 64, which made a change to the state’s constitution in order to legalize recreational use of marijuana. The vote coincided with the passage Initiative 502, which does the same for Washington State.

Both were big wins for legalization proponents, but now that the high of Election Day high has mellowed, it seems the so-called Green Rush to the marijuana industry is still a long way off. Despite their support for ending what many refer to as prohibition, and the fact that the medical marijuana industry is already worth $1.7 billion, it seems most marijuana industry insiders are reluctant to be the guinea pigs in a market that’s not only new to consumers, but still very much illegal on a federal level.

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