Legal in Colorado

v0t5jlooaln3xbh2b557In Colorado, more than 125,000 individuals approved by their doctors and registered with the state—for a fee—have been able to buy pot for more than a decade. Today Colorado serves this population with more than a thousand medical marijuana dispensaries in nearly every section of the state.

As marijuana consumers, red card holders—medical marijuana patients—will pay less for product than recreational users. “The biggest advantage and why we’re telling patients to renew their card is because there is going to be a 28 percent excise tax on the sale of recreational marijuana,” says Andy Betts, manager at Denver Relief, a South Broadway medical marijuana dispensary. Red card holders pay only state and local sales tax. The 28 percent recreational marijuana tax breaks down into three parts; a 15 percent state excise tax, ten percent state sales tax and, in Denver, a 3.5 percent sales tax.

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