Kingpin: Marijuana Funding Model Starts to Take Shape

When Ean Seeb and his business partners founded Denver Relief, their medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Denver’s Baker neighborhood in 2008, it was strictly a bare-bones effort. No fancy interior decor, no proprietary strains or products, no state-of-the-art grow house. Their inventory at the time was as limited as their personal bank accounts.

After all, as a cannabis business they did not have access to traditional bank loans and had to literally bootstrap their way up the hard way, borrowing seed money from friends, family and employees and building out the operation one step at a time.

“Denver Relief started with $4,000 and a half pound of pot,” Seeb jokes now, referring to the business’s meager beginnings, but it has since grown into a mini marijuana empire that’s one of the best known and most established of its kind in Colorado. In addition to its 1,500-square-foot dispensary, Denver Relief now offers cannabis business consulting services and wellness treatments and it operates its own cultivation facility.

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