Nolan Kane

Research Advisor

Nolan Kane is leading a groundbreaking effort to map the cannabis genome. Nolan holds a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Indiana University Bloomington and is known for his studies exploring genetic makeup and population size of different plant species.

As an associate professor and researcher with the University of Colorado Boulder’s department of ecology and evolutionary biology, Nolan studies plant genetics in order to pursue questions of genetic diversity and evolutionary adaptation. He is currently sequencing the full genome of the common sunflower while spearheading projects that investigate the genetic structure and historical evolution of the cannabis plant.

The Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative has the potential to revolutionize cannabis cultivation and breeding techniques by establishing and disseminating extremely valuable data that could mitigate the high cost and lengthy processes associated with current methods of new strain development. Through the Initiative, Nolan intends to develop more economical cannabis breeding techniques and provide growers with tools that will better help predict the results of crossbreeding different strains. The data from the Initiative will remain in the public sphere, where it has the potential to benefit society at large, including improving the efficacy of marijuana as a medicine.

Committed to supporting Nolan and the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative, Denver Relief Consulting will assist the project through fundraising, industry integration and genus acquisition and sampling. As research advisor for Denver Relief Consulting, Nolan brings coveted genetic insight and intricate breeding knowledge to the firm.