Nick Hice

Founding Partner

NICK HICE is a master cultivator known for managing one of the most successful commercial cannabis operations in Colorado. As a founding partner of Denver Relief Consulting, Nick brings over 15 years of experience with indoor growing under high intensity lighting to national and international clients. His innovative plant care techniques and dynamic approach to cultivation team management have lead to the development of highly regarded operations that exemplify industry best practices and maximum efficiency in legal cannabis cultivation.



As the Cultivation Facility Operations Manager for Denver Relief, Nick understands that the greenhouse is the lifeblood of a commercial cannabis operation. His ability to consistently yield quality medical marijuana is a highly sought-after skill. This paired with his ability to communicate with clients makes Nick a trusted advisor at all stages of cultivation facility development, from floor plans to first harvest.


Nick specializes in stabilizing controlled growing environments, minimizing pests and pathogen harms, and implementing nutrient monitoring systems. He has first-hand experience building high-tech greenhouses, and constantly pursues knowledge of new cultivation techniques for high yield cannabis crops.


Nick manages teams of as many as 25 employees at a time, ensuring best practices while maximizing crop production. He regularly conducts LED and plasma light testing as more efficient technology is developed to meet the growing energy demands of large-scale cannabis cultivation operations.


With a strong commitment to professionalizing public perception of cannabis growers, Nick actively scouts expert cultivators for clients looking to employ premium talent. Nick is also an active member of the Green Team, a national network of volunteers dedicated to integrating philanthropy into business practices throughout the retail cannabis industry.



Raised by horticultural entrepreneurs in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, Nick started working in the commercial agriculture industry long before entering high school. Nick spent much of his adolescence tending to an array of unique plant species sold at the family nursery, a crucial responsibility that helped foster a life-long passion for plant husbandry. After obtaining a Communication Management degree from the University of Dayton, Nick gained experience with effective business management during a decade spent helping run the family-owned landscape design company, nursery and garden center. He also designed and built commercial and residential irrigation systems during times of drought, adding vital knowledge of waterworks to his arsenal of cultivation skills.


Through his involvement with green industry associations, including the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) and Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), Nick became an Ohio Certified Nursery Technician (OCNT) and served as a certification committee member from 2007-2009. He helped write OCNT textbooks and testing materials for professional garden center, grower, and landscape certifications.


Adding to his list of achievements, Nick was awarded 1st Place for his Indica Reserva Privada and Hybrid Ultimate 91 Chem Dawg, and 2nd Place for his Sativa Outerspace at The Hemp Connoisseur Championship in 2012. Nick’s OG-18 strain also won “Best Hybrid” at the first ever U.S. Cannabis Cup in 2013.