Ean Seeb

Founding Partner

EAN SEEB is co-owner and manager of Denver Relief, one of Colorado’s most successful medical cannabis operations. Widely regarded for his expertise in corporate philanthropy, strategic business management and regulatory compliance, Ean is a highly respected thought leader aiding the development of a robust national cannabis industry. As a founding partner of Denver Relief Consulting and seasoned cannabis dispensary operator, Ean has significant experience navigating complex legislation and regulatory demands unique to legal cannabis operations. He serves as Chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association and holds leadership positions with charitable organizations focused on a range of social causes, from civil rights tosustainable volunteer farming. Ean has been actively involved with non-profit groups for over two decades. His years of humanitarian experience lead Ean to conceptualize and develop a cannabis-centric service organization called the Denver Relief GREEN TEAM in 2009. Ean’s vision for the GREEN TEAM has grown with the range of different services offered by the organization, which now brings volunteer efforts to communities in a number of legal cannabis states.



Ean is a trusted advisor for efficient networking, central management, public relations and infused product manufacturing. In addition to developing community integration measures tailored to the charitable passions of his clients, Ean helps cannabis business owners build strong banking relationships and strategic partnerships with ancillary businesses like packaging and insurance companies. Ean’s primary responsibilities include creating new opportunities for ancillary businesses aiming to establish a presence in the cannabis industry and helping cannabis business owners develop effective branding and licensing agreements.


In an effort to distinguish the legal cannabis industry as an enterprise committed to community engagement and improvement, Ean helped establish the Denver Relief Green Team in 2009. Originally founded as an organization focused on cleaning up after crowds at public events and offering free wheelchair and bike repairs, the Green Team has since grown to offer an extensive range of vital community services. Ean helped lead the Green Team to form partnerships with other service organizations in Colorado, and the group now provides free labor for volunteer farms and gardens, free food for estranged youth, and free hygiene products for homeless community members. As the Green Team expands its reach beyond Colorado, communities throughout the country are reaping the benefits of Denver Relief’s charitable business philosophy. Ean is currently working to help the Green Team achieve national recognized non-profit status.


As Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Ean holds a pivotal position with the only national trade association of its kind. Through NCIA, Ean lobbies Congressional legislators and actively pushes for reform of Federal banking and tax laws used to target state-legal cannabis operations. He offers valuable access to a diverse network of ancillary professionals, helping clients to assimilate as industry leaders in the national cannabis community.




A third-generation Denver native, Ean maintains deep roots in his local community. After obtaining a degree in Business Administration from theUniversity of Northern Colorado, Ean co-founded E-3 Events, a non-profit community organization that orchestrates Jewish arts and culture events. He is actively involved with Jewish Colorado and serves on the board of directors for the Anti-Defamation League and the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society. In addition to his charitable work with civil-rights groups and cultural organizations, Ean contributes to the health of his local community through his work with Ekar Farm, an urban volunteer farm in Denver that applies sustainable agriculture practices to the production of fruits and vegetables that are donated to a local food pantry.  Ean was recently named as a 2014 member of the Wexner Heritage Program


Prior to founding Denver Relief, Ean spent years working as a real estate broker, providing him with valuable insight for managing leases, contract negotiations and identifying prime retail locations. Ean is politically active on local and state levels, and has testified at a number of city council and regulatory workgroup meetings in recent years.


A philanthropic entrepreneur passionate about non-profit business development, Ean applies knowledge from a range of experiences while helping clients conceptualize and implement operational structures with integrated community outreach programs. With a strong commitment to professionalizing the cannabis industry at large, Ean offers valuable executive insight for clients working to establish successful businesses in complex legal environments throughout the country.