Chloe Grossman

Associate Consultant

Chloe has long advocated for cannabis reform and has explored many facets of the cannabis industry. Prior to joining the Denver Relief Consulting team, she participated in the movement as a policy intern, grassroots organizational leader, and a graduate student researcher.

Chloe graduated from the University of Denver in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and sociology. Shortly after, she began working in the cannabis reform movement as a Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) intern in the Colorado office under the guidance of Colorado State Director Art Way. In this position, she produced reports on the legislative history of cannabis in Colorado and became acquainted with grassroots and grasstops campaigning.

Chloe continued her academic career at the University of California at Davis as a graduate student and teaching assistant in sociology. Here, she fostered skills in technical and academic writing, public speaking, conducting quantitative research, advanced statistical analysis, and teaching. In 2014, Chloe earned a master’s degree after completing her research on the structural and organizational determinants of racial disparities in arrests for petty marijuana possession in California.


During her time in graduate school, Chloe also served as a policy intern for the Drug Policy Alliance in San Francisco and was the president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at UC Davis. Working under DPA’s Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy Amanda Reiman, Chloe engaged in cannabis policy work, including drafting cannabis educational materials, meeting with local politicians, and tracking cannabis policy shifts at the state and national level. She coordinated a collaborative research project between the ACLU of Northern California, DPA, and Stanford law, which involved collection of law enforcement data and assessment of continued risks among disadvantaged communities after marijuana possession was reduced to an infraction in California.


In July 2014, Chloe joined the Denver Relief Consulting team as an Associate Consultant. Since then, she has been involved in helping clients navigate the license application process in Nevada, Illinois, and Florida. In her role with DRC, she has engaged in analysis of state medical cannabis regulations, research and production of reports, coordinating a legislative initiative in Colorado, and drafting and editing procedural documents. Chloe also serves as a coordinator and representative for the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR).