Andy Betts


Andy Betts is General Manager of Denver Relief and an expert in the development and implementation of successful marijuana center operations. For the past five years, Andy has helped Denver Relief navigate crucial regulatory transitions and fiscal challenges that continue to impact new and old marijuana businesses in Colorado. An experiential understanding of sales and supply forecasting allows Andy to streamline inventory procedures and maintain consistency in vendor relations. He excels at training dispensary staff and currently leads a team of 13 employees, ensuring the daily implementation of strict compliance practices on a systemic level.

Andy joined Denver Relief Consulting as a partner in 2012, providing Colorado clients with strategic guidance for a broad range of business goals. From product development to wholesale distribution and infused product licensing, Andy offers insight for effective business plans and efficient practices. He works with clients during all stages of business development, from facility design through outcome assessment and market analysis.

In addition to his knowledge of cannabis industry best practices, Andy is a seasoned professional chef skilled in the arts of cannabis cooking, infusions, and ice water hash extraction. Andy graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Colorado’s Culinary School in 1998 and spent years managing kitchens of esteemed Denver restaurants prior to discovering a medical emergency that would permanently alter the course of his life. In 2004, Andy was diagnosed with Leukemia and engaged in a pursuit to receive a stem-cell transplant. During months of physically and mentally exhausting cancer treatments, Andy experienced first-hand the true power and incomparable value of marijuana’s medicinal benefits.

As he recovered to the full health he experiences today, Andy was inspired to reimagine his career path, leave his kitchen positions and join the workforce of Colorado’s groundbreaking medical marijuana industry. Andy helped to open the Denver Relief dispensary storefront in 2009. Now established in dual manager and consultant roles, Andy still makes time to feed a passion for philanthropic work and civic engagement. He has been fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for years, and regularly volunteers with the Denver Relief Green Team.

With extensive operational knowledge and business leadership expertise, Andy leads clients through mock MED audits and compliance visits, MJ Freeway and MITs training, employee evaluations and comprehensive general business assessments. Andy works with first-time and established cannabis business operators in Colorado.