Location Assessments Many factors are in play when it comes to settling on a location for your new cultivation facility, including analyzing local zoning codes, finding accommodating landlords, negotiating lease terms, permitting, licensing, and much more. From building permits to cost/revenue estimations, DRC has you covered.
Cultivation Facility Design and LayoutFinding your facility is just the beginning. Our experts can walk you through designing architectural, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security, and fire schematics that will impress potential landlords and investors. Industry standard AutoCAD professionals are at your fingertips.
Security Protecting the investment in your cultivation facility from criminals and preventing internal losses starts with state of the art surveillance technology and smart security protocol. From contractors to former employees, the location of your facility may be leaked. Security plans developed by Denver Relief Consulting have been referred to by former law enforcement officers as some of the most robust they've seen in 35 years of service.
Equipment One of the largest investments you'll make is in the physical equipment needed to grow plants for your patients. We've quality tested a variety of brands for durability, energy efficiency, and effectiveness and know which you can trust over the long haul.
Plant Management We have a list of reputable breeders and an extensive knowledge of the various strains available in most markets and which conditions they help best with. Once the seeds are purchased, DRC can provide all the information necessary to germinate the seeds, determine their sex and implement them into the rotation. Selecting the correct phenotype out of a variety of genetic expressions will be critical in the development of your garden, and we can assist in implementing best practices for preserving these genetics through cuttings. DRC can provide proven recipes and scheduling for any type of grow method: Organic Soil, Synthetic Hydro or Coco, as well as create a detailed timeline for nutrient formulas during vegetative and flower phases.
Harvesting Pulling a harvest early can negate all of your hard work over several months time. We'll detail when flowers are mature and ready for harvest, proper trimming techniques, and how to maintain a sanitary environment for the duration of the process.
Processing and Packaging Creating a smart distribution chain from your warehouse to center involves many steps, from tracking and monitoring each plant, to packaging product to maintain quality, to processing it in at your retail location to get it on your shelves as soon as possible. This cross-department coordination requires excellent communication and work flow management.