Accounting: The medical marijuana industry has a very uncommon set of accounting principles for making annual deductions and avoiding a potentially devastating audit. Understanding the IRS code, specifically 280E, will help save many headaches during tax time each year. Operating for over four years has taught us the ins and outs.
Social Integration (community image measures) We've fostered a sense of goodwill from the community by being active in areas outside of medical marijuana, and can help you target philanthropic organizations that help benefit your patients. Planning and coordinating events, both in your location and in your city, are great ways to get valuable feedback from the community, as well as helping to educate and inform those in your area. The GREEN TEAM, our community-based volunteer organization, has been active in the Denver metro area since 2009.
Human Resources Having a positive interaction with staff is among the chief reasons that a new patient returns to your center. We can help identify qualified candidates, as well as how to structure your human resources department in the event of their dismissal to protect your proprietary information. Developing strong interoffice communications is paramount when dealing with changing laws and regulations, especially as you continue to grow and manage more individuals. These systems can be difficult to establish and maintain.
Compliance Being meticulous in your everyday procedures is a prerequisite for being involved in the medical marijuana industry. Knowing every detail of the law can mean the difference between success or a jail cell. Our team specializes in helping you know of potential changes to operating regulations before they make it into law.
Business Plans:  Denver Relief Consulting has completed strategy plans in multiple states for medical marijuana businesses looking to obtain license approval at state and local levels and to integrate successfully into their communities. While incorporating the character and vision of the owner we craft a proven plan for structure and operation that is self-sustaining, profitable and progressive.
Licensing Approval Depending on the regulations in your state, you may be responsible for thousands of pages of documents as a part of the application process. It is critically important that you have every record required, in the correct format, and presented in a manner that makes the licensing authority's job as easy as possible. This daunting task, and the time required to do it correctly, is best left to our professionals.