Facility design Whether your design is medical, upscale, or boutique, we're experienced in creating a brightly lit, warm, and open presentation for your storefront that exudes safety and elegance from the outset.
Security flow Knowing which areas to focus on helps maximize your expenditures on security measures while keeping your staff and patients out of harms way. Whether it's surveillance cameras, alarms, emergency distress (panic buttons), safes, security code protocol, or keys/locks, we have solutions for you, and can help integrate these with advanced loss prevention systems
Retail Operations There are a variety of payment services available as credit cards are becoming increasingly difficult to accept for many in the industry. Through DRC's strategic partnerships, we can assist you with creative solutions for establishing credit card, debit, ATM, cashless ATM, or alternative payment processing systems that help you keep on top of your revenue flow.
Banking DRC has the unique ability to help businesses uncover relationships to enable them to operate under normal circumstances, embracing creative solutions to ordinarily simple issues.
Inventory and Tracking Systems Point of Sale, or POS Systems, are the lifeblood of your business, allowing quick transactions while providing valuable financial data and reports. DRC staff served as advisory board members in the design of the first medical marijuana specific software, as well as working with multiple other developers. We can help leverage these relationships into solid connections for you, providing a leg up on the competition.
Ordering Using advanced data analytics, we can help you set par levels for items and determine appropriate medicine levels for your business.
Training If there is a task that needs to be performed in your center, we have a training manual for it. These extensive guides include checklists that focus on daily, weekly, and monthly expectations for your staff that help keep your business running smoothly, even when you're not present.
Sales and Marketing Finding the right advertising venues and having a strong understanding of ROI will be invaluable as your business gets off the ground. With our experience in both print and online mediums, as well as sponsorship opportunities, you'll have an edge.
Research and Development Understanding the market you operate in will allow you to tailor the patient experience in your center for the best. Competitive analysis and secret shopping can help to better train your staff in addition to staying ahead of challengers in your space.
Administrative Maintaining the confidentiality of patient records will help keep you out of the headlines. Our security procedures are industry leading and protect you and the patient from maliciousness.
Vendor Resources From partnering with multiple edible companies, to developing relationships with those who provide ancillary products such as packaging and printing, we've learned how to keep margins down and patient satisfaction high.
Accessories We can help further your branding efforts by identifying strategic and profitable areas for merchandising, including hats, t-shirts, lighters, pens, and smoking or vaporizing products.
Delivery Operations: If permitted in your state, DRC can help further maximize your profit potential by showing exactly what a safe and secure delivery organization looks like, all while providing top notch service for your patients.