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News and Commentary from the MMJ Movement

MPP Blog

Uruguayan President Wants to Legalize Marijuana, Lawmakers Voting Today

Uruguayan President Jos� M�jica is pushing for a bill that would tax and regulate marijuana in Uruguay. The bill, which is scheduled for a vote on July 31, is just one vote short of the 50 required to pass the Lower Chamber. The Broad Front, a left-wing coalition behind the bill, is in the process [...]


MPP’s video ad that began airing Friday on a jumbotron outside the NASCAR Brickyard 400 was pulled later that afternoon by the media company that owns the video screen. Grazie Media, which had solicited the ad from MPP, approved its content, and accepted payment for it, reportedly came under fire from marijuana prohibitionist organizations such [...]

MPP Airs Ad at Brickyard 400 NASCAR Race

NASCAR fans attending this weekend’s Brickyard 400 races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be greeted by an MPP video ad in support of making marijuana legal for adults. It is scheduled to air dozens of times on a jumbotron outside the entrance of the speedway, which will be “the epicenter of American stock car [...]

Colorado NFL Player Suspended for Marijuana Use

Even though it is now legal to smoke marijuana in Colorado, a Denver Broncos linebacker is facing a four-game suspension for allegedly testing positive for marijuana. Under the NFL?s substance abuse policy, players can face suspension and fines of thousands of dollars for using illegal drugs, including marijuana. Von Miller, who was the No. 2 [...]

AZ Dept. of Health Services Director's Blog

Dispensary Ruling

The Superior Court judge ruled this morning that our requirement for Registration Certificate holders (dispensaries) to get an approval to operate within one year in order to renew their certificates�is unreasonable.� Because of today?s ruling, we?re going to accept renewal requests for all the current dispensaries in the state, whether they?re open or not.� The [...]

Limit the Sun, Not the Fun- Be SunWise!

A recent report�by the American Cancer Society, suggests what many Arizonans may have suspected, that skin cancer is on the rise. An estimated 82,770 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in 2013. In Arizona, one in five of us is likely to develop some form of skin cancer.� The most common cause is overexposure [...]

Trisomy Breakthrough?

Most people�have 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. One set from the mom�and one from the dad.��Sometimes something doesn?t go quite right, and one of the chromosome pairs doesn?t divide evenly at the right time, and a person ends up with 3 of one of the chromosomes.��Trisomy means three chromosomes instead of the normal 2.� There [...]

The ?Arizona Strip? Whooping Cough Cluster

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has been increasing in Arizona and the rest of the nation for the last few years.�Pertussis usually runs in a cycle, peaking every 3-5 years and then decreasing again.� Symptoms include fits of cough, vomiting after the�fits of cough, and a whooping sound during cough. Some complications include pneumonia, [...]


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