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  • Understanding the IRS code, specifically 280E, will help save many headaches during tax time each year. Operating for almost four years has taught us the ins and outs.
  • The medical marijuana industry has very uncommon set of accounting principles for making annual deductions and avoiding a potentially devastating audit.
  • By being conservative and integrating other pieces of the business, we can show you how to avoid becoming an automatic target while still allowing for creative deductions.
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Social Integration (community image measures)

  • We've fostered a sense of goodwill from the community by being active in areas outside of medical marijuana, and can help you target philanthropic organizations that help benefit your patients.
  • Being active in the community by promoting awareness about MMJ is another important method to assist with socially integrating your business.
  • Invariably, you'll need to be involved in politics at both the local and state level, helping to guide legislation that ultimately impacts how you operate. We've provided hours of testimony and served as resources for politicians for years and can show you how to get through the door.
  • Planning and coordinating events, both in your location and in your city, are a great way to get valuable feedback from the community, as well as helping to educate and inform those in your area.
  • Forming connections with other centers in the industry can help combine efforts to collectively alter potentially negative laws, as well as build a network to help better understand the current economic climate for the industry as a whole.
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Human Resources

  • Having a positive interaction with staff is among the chief reasons that a new patient returns to your center. We can help identify qualified candidates, as well as how to structure your human resources department in the event of their dismissal to protect your proprietary information.
  • Top notch staff are often interested in how they are progressing over the course of their employment. We can provide a template on how to perform excellent employee reviews.
  • Developing strong interoffice communications is paramount when dealing with changing laws and regulations, especially as you continue to grow and manage more individuals. These systems can be difficult to establish and maintain.
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  • Being meticulous in your everyday procedures is a prerequisite for being involved in the medical marijuana industry. Knowing every detail of the law can mean the difference between success or a jail cell. Our team specializes in helping you know of potential changes to operating regulations before they make it into law.
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Business Plans

  • Denver Relief Consulting has completed strategy plans in four states for medical marijuana businesses looking to obtain license approval at state and local levels and to integrate successfully into their communities. While incorporating the character and vision of the owner we craft a proven plan for structure and operation that is self-sustaining, profitable and progressive.
  • We can custom tailor this plan for delivery to government agencies, investors, attorneys, accountants or landlords and believe it is a necessary tool for a positive first impression. In an industry where perception is everything, we have a track record of breaking down negative stereotypes and tired stigmas associated with this industry.
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Finder Services

  • Strategic partnerships are a must for any medical marijuana business, ensuring that each principal's core competencies are put to good work. We'll help analyze your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to find a match based on what the industry demands.
  • Once you've found an ally, we'll assist in finding investors, landlords, and attorneys that match your needs and then help in developing your operating agreement, one of the most important steps in finalizing the partnership.
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Licensing Approval

  • Depending on the regulations in your state, you may be responsible for thousands of pages of documents as a part of the application process. It is critically important that you have every record required, in the correct format, and presented in a manner that makes the licensing authority's job as easy as possible. This daunting task, and the time required to do it correctly, is best left to our professionals.
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Child Taken From Marijuana Using Parents, Murdered in Foster Care

One of the more horrific examples of how the war on marijuana hurts families is making the rounds right now, and it illustrates just one of the more serious hypocrisies of prohibition. Last week, the story broke that a two-year-old child had sustained fatal injuries at the hands of her foster care provider. After the […]

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reverses Stance on Marijuana

CNN?s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has spent the last year creating an investigative report on marijuana, and the former critic of marijuana policy reform has changed his mind drastically on the subject. On Wednesday night, Dr. Gupta told Piers Morgan that “We’ve been terribly and systematically misled in this country for some time […]

Investigation of Drug Treatment Centers Finds Widespread Corruption

A recent investigation into drug treatment centers in southern California found rampant financial corruption and inflated reporting of patient attendance. The investigation, conducted by the nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting and CNN, found that dozens of clinics showed signs of deception and questionable billing practices. The two worst offenders, Able Family and GB Medical Services, […]

Denver DA Makes Ludicrous Claims; Links Medical Marijuana to Murder

At a Denver City Council hearing held on Monday to discuss implementing a 5% marijuana sales tax, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey held the floor to claim that medical marijuana dispensaries are a haven for assaults, robberies, and murder. ?We have had 12 homicides related directly to medical marijuana,? Morrissey told the council. ?We have […]

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National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month gives us a great opportunity to talk about the need to improve national immunization coverage levels.� Vaccine-preventable diseases�are becoming increasingly rare in the US because vaccines are effective, but that doesn?t mean we should stop vaccinating.� Even though most infants and toddlers have received all recommended vaccines by age 2, there [...]

2012 AZ Abortion Surveillance Report

State law directs�us to produce several reports each year to help the public know what?s happening in the state and to help with public policy development.��One of the more recently required reports is an annual report on abortion.� This is the 3rd year we?ve published our annual�Abortion Surveillance Report.� This year’s report�found�that there was a [...]

State Hospital Becoming a National Model

Operating any type of medical or behavioral health facility is a balancing act.� It?s especially delicate at the Arizona State Hospital because we deal with patients who suffer from the most severe�symptoms of mental illness.� Treatment practices�at ASH has changed through the years to reflect contemporary approaches.��Decades ago, people with mental illness were heavily medicated [...]

Back to School Oral Health

Back to school time brings thoughts of new school supplies, backpacks, clothing, doctor’s visits and immunizations.�It?s also time for a dental exam and preventive care. The American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatrics urge parents to schedule a dental examination before the school year starts. A visit to the dentist now can help assure [...]


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