Denver Relief Consulting and the individuals who comprise the DRC team are involved in many cannabis-related and external organizations that give back to the community and promote responsibility in the cannabis industry and society at large. Below you will find a list of the organizations we are involved in, with brief descriptions of the organizations themselves and our roles in each. We encourage you to visit the linked websites to learn more about the organizations we believe in and serve.  

Cannabis-Related Memberships and Affiliations


National Cannabis Industry Association

Ean and Kayvan both sit on the Board of Directors for the National Cannabis Industry Association, which is the only national trade association that advances the interests of the legitimate and regulated cannabis industry. NCIA works to ensure that the emerging cannabis sector, which creates thousands of jobs, millions in tax revenue, and billions in economic activity, is treated fairly under federal law. NCIA is composed of responsible cannabis industry businesses that have come together to ensure that the industry is represented in a professional and coordinated way on the national stage. The legislative efforts, the professional network, and the responsible business practices resulting from NCIA’s work serve to expand and further legitimize the legal cannabis market in the United States.  

Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation

Kayvan is on the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation. CRCR aims to promote and advance responsible regulation of the cannabis industry in a manner that benefits society and encourages other states and nations to adopt similar laws, policies, and regulations. CRCR is a collaborative organization that includes both cannabis policy reform advocates and cannabis industry entrepreneurs. The combined knowledge and experience of these two groups enables the organization to strategically advocate for reforms and serve as a resource to elected officials, government agencies, and other stakeholders in implementing responsible regulation of the cannabis industry.  

Drug Policy Alliance

Denver Relief Consulting is a member of the Drug Policy Alliance, which is among the most impressive and well-known drug policy reform organizations in the US and worldwide. DPA promotes drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health, and human rights. As a contributing member, DRC helps the organization work to ensure that drug policies no longer result in the arrest, incarceration, disenfranchisement, and harm of millions of people. The Drug Policy Alliance envisions and promotes drug policies based on the policy of harm reduction and special consideration for young people and people of color who are disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. In addition to holding a membership with DPA and attending the annual national conferences, DRC hired one of DPA’s policy interns to be an associate consultant on the DRC team.  

Marijuana Policy Project

Denver Relief Consulting is also a member of the Marijuana Policy Project, which is a large organization that focuses solely on ending cannabis prohibition in the United States. MPP works to change federal law to allow states the freedom to craft novel cannabis policies and has been a central force in state cannabis reform campaigns and initiatives, including Amendment 64 in Colorado. MPP is involved in cannabis reform at the state and federal level, and is well-known for lobbying and ballot initiative efforts and sensible cannabis education. By holding a membership with MPP, Denver Relief Consulting is contributing to successful state-level cannabis reform campaigns, which are creating a wave of change in cannabis policy nationwide.  

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a grassroots-based international student network that advocates for sensible drug policy at the local, state, and federal level. SSDP has an impressive history of student-run campaigns for sensible drug policy and has encouraged thousands of college-age students to engage in the political process for a safer and more just future. Kayvan sits on the Board of Trustees for the SSDP and DRC is proud to report that we have recently begun to contribute to SSDP in a sponsorship role. In addition to sponsoring SSDP, Kayvan has been a long-time donor through his local pizza chain, Sexy Pizza, which dedicates proceeds from a special menu item to SSDP. The DRC team currently includes two SSDP alumnae who each filled leadership roles in their respective chapters.  

Non-Cannabis-Related Memberships and Affiliations


Anti-Defamation League

For the past seven years, Ean Seeb has served on the Board of Directors for the Mountain States region of the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL is a national organization, founded in 1913, which is comprised of leaders fighting anti-Semitism and hate. The ADL is one of the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agencies, which seeks to secure justice and fair treatment for all. In addition to fighting anti-Semitism, the organization works to counter all forms of bigotry, deter and oppose hate crimes, defend democratic ideals, and protect civil rights for all. As a member of the Board for the Mountain States region, Ean assists the organization in achieving these laudable goals in Colorado and Wyoming.  

Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra

In addition to his cannabis-related service and philanthropic endeavors, Kayvan Khalatbari sits on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra and regularly contributes funds to the organization, both personally and through his various businesses. The CYSO was founded in 1984 and provides orchestral experience for young musicians. This organization currently offers four ensembles, which regularly perform in and around Denver. The CYSO is well respected in the local community for providing access to orchestra programs for inner-city youth, allowing aspiring young musicians to engage in a beneficial experience that could otherwise be unattainable.  

E-3 Events

E-3 Events is a community organization co-founded by our own Ean Seeb. E-3 Events produces events that bridge popular culture with traditional Jewish values, providing a connection to Jewish life for the secular and the religiously affiliated alike. E-3 Events is behind Heebonism, which is an annual celebration of young Jewish culture during the holiday season that has been ongoing for nearly a decade. Aside from providing an enjoyable environment for young people to mix and mingle, Heebonism and other E-3-produced events encourage charitable engagement through formats such as discounting event tickets for those who donate perishable goods.  

Jewish National Fund

The Jewish National Fund, is a global environmental leader. Planting more than 250 million trees; building hundreds of reservoirs and dams; creating parks; developing hundreds of thousands of acres of land; and providing infrastructure for more than 1,000 communities; are some of JNF’s notable contribution to the global community. This nonprofit organization--operating for more than 100 years--has evolved to be the force behind many various projects and campaigns. The JNF has proved to be a central force in building Israel’s future by protecting, revitalizing, developing, and preserving the land in accordance with long-term visions and in response to pressing contemporary crises. Though our annual sponsorship, DRC continues to contribute to the organization’s goal of environmental betterment.  

Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society

In addition to his other impressive work on behalf of the Jewish community, Ean is on the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society. The RMJHS is one of the premier local Jewish historical societies in the United States and is the largest and most exhaustive historical society of its kind in the region. The RMJHS preserves the fascinating history of the Jewish community in the West while providing rich archives, exhibits, and resources for scholars and individuals interested in historical research.