Laura Harris

Regulatory Advisor

Laura Harris served as director of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division prior to joining the Denver Relief Consulting team in 2014. During her time as division director, Laura administered Colorado’s statewide licensing and enforcement program for Medical Marijuana regulation while managing a program budget of $5.7 million. Her leadership led to the creation of Colorado’s Marijuana Inventory Tracking System and brought an end to unsustainable program spending.

When an unexpected revenue shortfall threatened the stability of the division’s budget in 2012, Laura developed and implemented alternative funding and expenditure strategies. She took action to reconfigure licensing and background investigation procedures, which effectively improved the state’s ability to regulate medical marijuana businesses, while aiding industry growth and expansion.

Laura’s efforts for the development of effective marijuana policy are enhanced by her multifaceted knowledge base and political esteem. She is a certified public accountant and has held numerous high-profile finance positions, from revenue tax enforcement to criminal financial investigative auditing. Laura has over 30 years of experience working in governmental regulation, and recently participated in Colorado’s Amendment 64 Task Force Subcommittees for the implementation of adult-use marijuana legalization.

With unprecedented experience specific to governmental marijuana program development, Laura brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to clients of Denver Relief Consulting as the firm’s regulatory affairs advisor. Laura also serves as a regulatory consultant and administrator for Dill and Dill, a Denver-based law firm.