Timmi Lasley

Executive Administrator

A native of Colorado, Timmi spent her formative years climbing trees and roaming the streets of her small hometown before leaving to study Theatre at the University of Northern Colorado. After receiving her degree in Acting in 2005 she moved to the Big City of Denver and got a job she hated. Naturally this lead her back to school, where she studied Massage Therapy. She turned out to have a knack for it, and spent the next decade as a certified and licensed practitioner of the therapeutic arts.

The itch to perform would strike again, however, when she was released from a 6 year relationship and started doing plays once more. One night in 2009 on the way home from rehearsal, she found herself at the iconic Squire Lounge open mic - once dubbed the meanest mic in America - and fell in love with standup comedy. She turned out to have absolutely NO knack for it, and spent 5 nights a week, every week for many years, trying to figure it out. Now, several years on, she’s opened for Kyle Kinane, Dean Edwards, Gina Brillion, and has been featured on the High Plains Comedy Festival, CROM Comedy Festival, and Altercation Fest. In 2015 she accidentally hosted a show at Comedy Works with Dave Chappelle, where he was heard to say “B**** can DANCE!*” both on and off the mic that night, which - though not technically a credit - has been the highlight of her career thus far. (*It should be noted he did not mean her actual dancing skills, but was nodding to her comedic prowess.) Creator of Comedy RoomRoom — a 50 seat comedy venue in the Ballpark neighborhood of downtown Denver — Timmi helps to produce over 80 shows yearly there. She is a leader in the Denver creative arts community, and can be seen performing around town in many capacities: storytelling, comedy, acting, advocacy.

When, in 2017, she grew tired of touching strangers for money, she started looking for a job in the nonprofit sector. Having owned her own business for a number of years and built a comedy venue from the ground up, she believed her unique set of talents, and managerial and organizational skills, were a force to be reckoned with. Apparently those skills were not translating well to paper, however, so she widened her search to include other more non-traditional work sectors. Enter Denver Relief Consulting. Having known Kayvan Khalatbari for many years through her work in comedy, she knew what she was getting into. She is thrilled to offer her unconventional abilities to such a progressive and important cannabis firm, and looks forwards to growing in the exciting field of the cannabis industry.