Lang Ingram


Lang is a native of Colorado, so native that he was named after his father’s favorite brand of ski boots.  His youth was wasted wisely; camping and fishing and hiking and exploring.  After graduating high school, he joined the Marine Corps with hopes and dreams of adventure beyond the Rocky Mountains.  For four years he globetrotted to some fantastic places like Thailand and the Seychelles, and to some not so fantastic places like Yemen and Iraq.  

After finishing his enlistment, Lang moved to a place that is about as spiritually distant from Redstone, Colorado as can be; Los Angeles, California, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from UCLA.  Armed with a degree and some real-life experience he set out to change the world, and so the world plopped him in a cubicle as punishment.  Thankfully, this cubicle was in Aspen, Colorado, where Lang worked as a project coordinator for Pitkin County and went skiing on his lunch breaks.  In 2009, Lang enrolled in CU’s 11-Month MBA program, which brought him to Denver, and just a little bit closer to his beloved Broncos.  After finishing the Master’s program, Lang continued to serve out his sentence in various cube farms around the city.  He worked for Wells Fargo as an internal auditor, Freedom Service Dogs as a financial manager, and the City and County of Denver as a senior accountant before landing at Denver Relief Consulting.  

He is very excited to be part of an industry that is still growing and developing, where there are real opportunities for new ideas – an industry where the bottom line is a combination of profit and social progress, and hasn’t instituted punishment by cubicle yet.