Jennifer Bash

Laboratory Advisor

Jennifer Bash is currently a senior analytical forensic toxicology specialist at University of Illinois at Chicago’s Analytical Forensic Testing Laboratory. Jennifer has spent the past 10 years working in forensics as a toxicologist analyzing biological samples for compounds of interest and is currently helping expand the testing capabilities of the Analytical Forensic Testing Laboratory.

Jennifer started her science career in the pharmaceutical industry working in analytical research and development. She learned how important well-founded science and strong laboratory skills are in producing high quality analytical results. She earned a master’s degree in organic chemistry from Northwestern University performing research in the field of nanotechnology before beginning her career in forensic science.

Over the past 10 years Jennifer has become a well-recognized and respected member of the forensic community in Illinois both as a scientist and an expert witness. As an adjunct professor in science, her passion for education has only continued to grow and she continues to believe in the importance of a strong scientific foundation for creating and developing good analytical laboratory procedures.

The cannabis industry has been growing at an ever-increasing rate and the need for strong scientific knowledge of analytical techniques to support this growth is imperative. Jennifer hopes to provide this support and education for all facets of this industry. A full understanding of the science behind the creation of any medication or product is required to maintain its quality and safety for the consumer.